News: Google Releases Chromecast Development Kit—Get Ready to Cast Anything & Everything

Google Releases Chromecast Development Kit—Get Ready to Cast Anything & Everything

After months of waiting, Google has released the SDK (Software Development Kit) for their Gadget of the Year, the Chromecast.

As announced on their blog, the release of the SDK means that any app developer, whether for Android, Chrome, or iOS, can now add Chromecast functionality to their app. And though only a few apps have been released with Chromecast support, that's all about to change.

The possibilities are almost endless, and it's a safe bet that many well established apps will push this code and update their apps ASAP. Ready to cast Crackle or Spotify to your TV? It's on its way.

Google was very protective over their device, taking their time to get as many kinks worked out before opening the floodgates to devs. Now, maybe even previously blacklisted apps that came close to mirroring our devices will find their way to the Google Play Store.

The simple truth is this: our little $35 dongles are about to really show off what they can do. Stick around with us as we explore all things Chromecast!

Chromecast image via EricaJoy/Flickr

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Finnaly! I have much faith in my Chromecast. It have potencial to become a "must have" gadget in home, and was lefting only some increadible apps to really happen. I hope they realease an update for the chrome extension soon, my dream is that i wiil be able to Cast any video on any player service (like vimeo, Uol, and other flash players, not only youtube) from my browser to my TV.

Mine too! Let's hope it happens soon!

It would be great if I could stream my iPad's screen to the Chromecast. That would be very excellent news that I could tell my instructors they could do that to teach their classes.

You can already do that with an AppleTV (it just costs a lot more).

Yeah I already knew that. It's an option we're looking into.

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