Nostalgia Warning: Must-Have Classic Games for Chromecast (Android & iOS)

Must-Have Classic Games for Chromecast (Android & iOS)

Video games have come a long way over the last 30 years.

In the late-'80s, Atari, Nintendo, and Sega were taking gaming from arcades to living rooms. Back in 1994, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were in bedrooms everywhere, and over the next couple of years, were slowly being replaced by Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and the first ever Sony PlayStation.

Now we've got PlayStation 4s, Xbox Ones, and even Oculus Rifts, which looks like something I could only dream of as a kid.

As much as I love gaming, however, these days I strictly stick to Madden, GTA, and Call of Duty, mainly because they're simpler than most games being released these days, and I like simple. And you really can't get more simple than the nostalgia of those classic 8-bit games from the '80s. Basic, yes. Extremely entertaining, hell yes.

If you have a Chromecast and are ready to relive the joy of innocent youth, or are just a sucker for the classics, I've got your fix.

#1. Snake Game for Chromecast (Android)

Yes, we've probably all played Snake on our old flip-phones, but why restrict yourself to such a small screen? Cast this classic game to your television with Snake Game for Chromecast. The controls utilize swipe gestures, which makes it a cinch to maneuver around.

#2. Grail Cast (Android)

If adventure is more your taste, then try out Grail Cast. This multiplayer game's objective is to excavate while competing to find the grail before your adversary does. It's not exactly Indian Jones and the Last Crusade, but it's just as fun.

#3. Cast Brick Breaker (Android)

Another old-school game that many of us can appreciate, especially you old BlackBerry users, is the classic Brick Breaker game. Move your paddle from left to right as you attempt to keep the ball smashing bricks. Enjoy it now on your HDTV with Cast Brick Breaker.

#4. ArcadeCast (iOS)

With iOS, you really only need one application. It's called ArcadeCast. You can test the free version that comes with the retro Asteroids game, or purchase the full version for $1.00 which comes with Snake, Tetris, Asteroid Shooter, and Space Attackers.

Now sit back, relax, and use your Chromecast as a personal time machine. Also, check out some of the other games we've covered for Chromecast. If you're having a game night, try the Cards Against Humanity clone or the addictive 2048 Multiplayer version. Whatever you choose, have fun, and let us know what other games you're playing through your Chromecast.

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