How To: This Extension Fixes Everything Annoying About Binging Netflix

This Extension Fixes Everything Annoying About Binging Netflix

Cord cutters are changing everything about TV—the more of us that sever ties with cable, the more changes we start to see. In fact, viewing habits have already changed so drastically that waiting a week to see the next episode in a series is no longer acceptable, as binge watching has completely eclipsed this old-fashioned format.

At this point, even the 15 seconds that Netflix makes you wait before the next episode starts to auto-play is just too darn long. On top of that, Netflix has to check back in to make sure you're still watching after three auto-played episodes, which definitely interrupts the flow, especially when you're chilling.

If these little Netflix annoyances are starting to impede your binge watching habits, developer Joshua Armstrong has your back. His latest work is an extension for Google Chrome that bypasses the wait time and "Continue Playing" message while watching shows on Netflix, so you will automatically skip to the next episode when the last one finishes playing.

Netflix Go: The Google Chrome Extension for Binge Watchers

To get this one going, you'll need to be using Google's Chrome web browser. Beyond that, just head to the link below and install the the Netflix Go extension, then you'll be ready to binge watch your favorite series without interruptions.

With the extension installed, no further setup is needed. Simply head to and start playing your favorite show. When you reach the end of an episode, you'll no longer see the screen pictured below, and instead, the next episode will start immediately.

No more wait times between episodes and no "Continue Playing" message.

Three episodes later, you'll notice that the show just keeps on playing, because the extension got rid of that "Continue Playing" message too.

Image via Take2 at UW-Stout

This is the way Netflix should be, in my opinion—the next episode always starts right away, which leads to a much more immersive and engaging experience. What are your thoughts on Netflix Go? Let us know in the comment section below.

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There aren't any reviews yet. I'm gonna wait until there are.

Yea, it's a pretty new extension.

For me, I freaking love it. Right when an episode ends, the next one starts, and you skip right past the credits.

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