How To: Use Your Chromecast as a Karaoke Machine

Use Your Chromecast as a Karaoke Machine

You suck at karaoke. Most of us do, but that doesn't stop any of us from hitting up the karaoke bar. It's not about who sounds best; there's American Idol for that. It's about having a great time without incurring negative judgement; the worse you are the better time I'm having.

Now, instead of venturing out to crowded karaoke bars or buying a karaoke machine you'll rarely use, just plug in your Chromecast. With the KaraokeCast app for Android (from dev Bas Bosschert), you'll be karaoking at home in no time—for free. It's got over 300 songs (and growing), which it pulls from YouTube, that you can easily queue and cast to your big screen.

It is possible to search YouTube for the countless "karaoke" versions of songs yourself and cast them, but this app consolidates all that work. And don't worry, the songs are both contemporary and classic, and they are always adding new ones.

Using KaraokeCast with Your Chromecast

The application will take a some time to initially load all the songs, so be patient. Once done, hit the Chromecast button in the top right-hand corner to cast it to your television. You can then scroll through the tracks, tap on a song, then add them to your queue.

Most videos will look great (depending on the source), but you may see a small ad which will go away eventually. You'll see a short countdown timer, then it's time to sing baby!

Enjoy a few drinks and get emotional while you sing—it's happened to the best of us.

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I installed Chrome Beta, Chromecast and Karaokecast on my android Acer A500 and I can connect to my Chromecast using the program but when I try to do anything on Karaokecast it says 'Please connect Chromecast'.

Thinking it was my tablet was at issue, I installed them on my wife's Acer and it does the same thing. Anybody have an idea?

You may just need to reboot the device or chromecast. Does Youtube allow you to cast? I've recently been running into an issue with third-party chromecast applications.

I have rebooted both Acers, Chromecast, tried different variations of launching apps but nothing works. Looked for a forum dealing with Karaokecast but could not find one. I just guess it will not work with the Acer A500.

May be a silly question, but both your Acer and Chromecast are on the same WiFi network, correct?

Yes the same, and youtube casts ok.

As I mentioned, there have been reports of third-party apps not casting well. You may want to try troubleshooting by either rebooting the Chromecast or disconnecting and reconnecting WiFi. Honestly, it may just end up working out of nowhere. That's what happened with me and a certain Chromecast app I have.

some songs like most of the Billy Joel ones will not play in the USA - sucks!

You can still use chromecast to do karaoke without any 3rd party apps. Just go to youtube and search for any song title you'd like to sing and follow it by the word "karaoke". There are many songs available out there and very seldom do we get no results. Using Youtube with chromecast can also enable you to do TV queueing which makes karaoke a lot more fun!.

How to create a Karaoke setup using YouTube and Google Chromecast

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