News: Get a Free $6 Google Play Credit for Every Chromecast You Own

Get a Free $6 Google Play Credit for Every Chromecast You Own

For $35, there's hardly a better value in the online media player market than the Chromecast. Taking that sentiment a step further, if you factor in the promotions Google likes to offer with it, Chromecast practically pays for itself.

As part of a Valentine's Day deal, the Mountain View tech giant is offering a free $6 Google Play credit to anyone who owns a Chromecast. They're presenting it as a way to rent a free movie to watch with your sweetheart, but the credit can be used on apps, games, music, or books just the same.

Chromecast: The gift that keeps on giving.

Best of all, for households with multiple Chromecast devices, you can get the $6 credit for each one.

How to Redeem Your $6 Credit

To get your free $6 Google Play credit, you'll need the Chrome web browser with the Google Cast plugin installed. With both of those set up, head to the Chromecast Offers page. From there, tick the box next to "I Agree," then click "Continue."

Next, click the "Select Your Device" button to connect to your Chromecast.

At this point, the Google Cast plugin will prompt you to select your Chromecast in order to verify that you own the device.

Once you've done that, you'll be shown all of your available offers. Click the "Redeem" button underneath the Google Play Valentine's offer.

After that, just confirm that you want to redeem this offer.

When that's done, your Google Play account balance will be $6 richer just because you own a Chromecast!

What will you be spending your $6 credit on? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Thanks!! $6 back into MY pocket!

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