News: Nexus Player Practically Half-Off: $70 with a Free $20 Google Play Credit

Nexus Player Practically Half-Off: $70 with a Free $20 Google Play Credit

Google's Android TV-powered set-top box normally sells for about $100, but for the next 4 days, the Nexus Player can be purchased for roughly half that price when you consider credits.

When purchased through this page on Amazon, you'll get a list price of $69.27, but that will also include a $20 dollar Google Play credit that can be used towards purchasing movies, books, games, and apps. But you'll have to hurry, because both deals are only good through Sunday, May 3rd.

As a Nexus Player owner who paid full price and is very satisfied with the purchase, I'd say this is a pretty amazing deal. For around $50, you'll get what amounts to a Chromecast with a remote-friendly interface, and there are already several cool mods available since it's a true Android device at heart.

If you decide to pull the trigger, be sure to check out our guides on sideloading apps, rooting the Nexus Player, watching Reddit videos, and browsing the internet with your remote control. And with the fledgling platform finally starting to take off, stay tuned right here in the Cord Cutters for more Nexus Player-related hacks.

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