Bookmark This: Complete List of Netflix's Hidden Genre Codes

Complete List of Netflix's Hidden Genre Codes

The biggest problem with Netflix (which is hardly a real problem) is the overwhelming amount of content available for streaming. Browsing through profile-specific categories might help narrow down your search on something to watch, but some of those categories come and go without warning, and it's impossible to find them again—but not anymore.

To find previous search categories you've liked, and to unlock even more categories such as Art House Movies, Gangster Movies, and even Zombie Horror Movies, you'll need to use special codes in the URL.

To use the codes, they will need to be entered at the end of the genre URL.

For example, to unlock the Zombie Horror Movies category, you'll use the code 75405, which would look like:

See below for the exhaustive list of over 100 hidden category codes, in alphabetical order, including links to all of them. I suggest you bookmark this webpage so you always have fast access to them.

This post was inspired by a Reddit thread, but we've updated it to include more genre categories, and will continue to update it when we discover new ones so it'll be the definitive list on the web!

The links will work on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. However, if on a mobile device, they will not open up the category page in your mobile app, just in your web browser. But if you tap on a movie to watch, it should open the movie directly in your Netflix app so you can stream it instantly.

List of Hidden Netflix Genre Codes (Links Included)

You will need to already be logged into Netflix in your web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet before clicking on any of these links. If not, you'll be directed to log in—only subscribed members can view these genre pages.

If the page says it's unable to load titles, that's probably because there are currently no titles that match the category at this time.

A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

F -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

G -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

H -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

J -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

K -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

L -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

M -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

N -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

O -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

P -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

R -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

T -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

U -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

V -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

W -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Z -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: Categories that are about specific actors, directors, etc. have been excluded from this list as there are just too many. For those, you can visit Ogre's Crypt.

Defunct Collections

These ones lead to a page that states "No matching titles found." Usually, when there are no movies found that match the genre or collection, Netflix will show an empty page with the genre or collection title. So when they say "No matching titles found" instead, it's likely akin to a 404 page. However, Netflix could at any time bring any of these back online, which is why we're listing them here.

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You can get a few more codes by checking your Taste Preferences and under sub-genres look at the code in the link "Need some examples".

How do you get to Taste Preferences? I tried following the link, but it does nothing.

I learned a lot from this. First, I learned that Netflix has only 11 Scandinavian crime movies, and that these include Antman and a one-star children's (?) animated film called Bold Eagles. Then I learned that Netflix has only one screwball comedy from the entire 1940s -- which was surprising, since the 1940s and 1930s are the era of classic screwball comedies (the link for screwball comedies of the 1930s didn't work at all, It was about then that I learned that I was wasting my time. Nice idea, though...theoretically. :(

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