News: Netflix Wants to Give You the Best Job Ever—Binge Watching

Netflix Wants to Give You the Best Job Ever—Binge Watching

For hire! Netflix is looking for someone who loves to watch movies and TV shows in the comfort of their own home for hours on end. Does this sound like what you do on your free time? Then you might want to update your résumé, because this job opening is real.

The job isn't just about watching their content, though, it's about creating the descriptive text you see on the side before you select the TV show or movie.

As easy as this job seems, Netflix is looking for someone with a degree in film or film history, or has experience filming, directing, reviewing, or screenwriting. Also, if you're not from the United Kingdom or Ireland, then you, my friend, are out of luck.

Whoever ends up getting this job will be the luckiest person alive, and I for one will be extremely jealous.

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