News: Netflix & Verizon Could Be Headed Towards a Legal Battle

Netflix & Verizon Could Be Headed Towards a Legal Battle

For quite some time, Netflix and Verizon have been duking it out, and it seems that things have just a little saltier between the two:

Things started heating up when pictures started circulating of a Verizon user's Netflix account showing a low quality of service, which was attributed to Verizon's "crowded" network.

Image by Yuri Victor/Twitter

On June 5th, Verizon sent Netflix a letter threatening legal action if the video-streaming service didn't stop it's smear campaign, but Netflix came back, saying that Verizon was basically shutting down three lanes of a highway during rush hour.

But here's the thing: Verizon has a cloud service which Netflix must go through if Verizon customers wish to view movies and TV shows through Netflix, which makes it seem that any problem is Verizon's fault. So, who can blame Netflix for talking smack after Verizon gave a lower quality of service to Netflix's customers.

Luckily, it seems, Netflix is not backing down. It'll be interesting to see how this all folds out in the end.

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