News: Cast Your Own Personalized News Station Pulled from Local & National Sources to Your TV

Cast Your Own Personalized News Station Pulled from Local & National Sources to Your TV

With Chromecast-capable applications slowly seeping into the market, it's difficult to find useful ones that we might use on a daily basis.

Class6ix, from developer Class6ix LLC, is a news aggregator that gathers videos from both local and national sources in order to provide you with a customized newscast sent directly to your Chromecast.

Grab Class6ix for Android from Google Play to get started (there is Class6ix for iOS, but it doesn't have Chromecast support yet, although it will work with AirPlay).

Logging in with your personalized email, Class6ix intelligently learns from your viewing pattern, providing you with more videos of what you enjoy and less of what you don't want. Using your GPS (or manually inputted zip code), it pulls local news from wherever you are at the moment, making it tailored for you wherever you are. As for national news, it pulls sources from ABC, CNN, ESPN, and even TMZ, amongst many others.

If you don't like a video, skip it and the application will learn not to show that sort of news anymore. If you enjoy it and want more, simply watch the video the whole way through.

When it comes to usefulness, Class6ix provides a fair and even scope of news around your area—something that I'm always interested in. Hopefully in future updates the app will be able to pull news from much more sites, and seeing as how it's extremely new, it seems very likely.

Combine Class6ix with other Chromecast-friendly apps like Hulu+ and Netflix, and cutting the cord (and a huge cable bill) just got a lot easier.

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