News: Cast Aereo Live TV Using Your Chromecast

Cast Aereo Live TV Using Your Chromecast

Gaining major consumer support and the ire of Big Cable, Aereo today announced support for the Chromecast through it's Android app. A revolution for cord-cutters, Aereo lets you record and stream live broadcast TV on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or media streaming player (Apple TV, Roku, and now Chromecast).

For what feels like forever, cable TV has been the same. Poor service and outrageous rates have become the norm, and it's not slated to get better anytime soon—the AT&T/DirecTV and Comcast/Time Warner Cable deals will all but assure that.

In an age where mobile dominates many aspects of our lives—bringing access to instant information, social media, and most importantly, choice—why are so many of us settling for whatever our cable companies feel like offering us? This is where Aereo comes in.

Aereo uses the cloud, making it easy to use any device you own and still get their service, which is currently available in select areas, with more to come. You can check if your area qualifies for Aereo's service here.

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