How To: Watch the Coachella Music Festival on Your HDTV All Weekend

Watch the Coachella Music Festival on Your HDTV All Weekend

One of the world's largest music festivals in kicking off this weekend in southern California, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. With a diverse lineup ranging from AFI to Empire of the Sun to HAIM to Muse, the music world is on display this weekend and the next.

But if you weren't able to afford the flight to California or the 300 to 500 dollar passes, I've got you covered. YouTube has been live-streaming the event for the past few years, but this year's broadcast has an added bonus: Chromecast support.

The video above is just one of the many stages, all of which you can check out on Coachella's official YouTube channel. Pick a video from there and hit the Chromecast button, and you've got a live music festival right in your own home, with all the comforts of indoor plumbing and not-ten-dollar beers.

And of course, you can do all this on your smartphone or tablet. Just fire up your YouTube app (make sure you're on the latest update), head to the Coachella live feed of your choice, and tap that Chromecast button.

So, who are you excited to see? Check out the full lineup so you don't miss a beat.

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