How To: Get a Free Fire TV Stick or Roku Streaming Stick for Sling TV

Get a Free Fire TV Stick or Roku Streaming Stick for Sling TV

Sling TV, the new over-the-top TV streaming service from DISH Network, is the first to offer live programing for cord cutters. Available for $20 a month with no contract, Sling TV is the easiest way to end the reliance on cable and satellite subscriptions for getting your content as it airs.

The biggest reason for the service is certainly its ability to watch live sports, with the inclusion of ESPN and an optional add-on sports package for just $5 a month. In addition to sports, you also receive popular channels like ABC Family, Adult Swim, Disney Channel, Food Network, TBS, TNT, and more.

Sling TV is an app, and works through quite a few mediums. You can watch through Macs and Windows computers, using an Xbox (coming soon), on Android and iOS devices, through Smart TVs, and of course, streaming boxes and sticks.

Again, the service is month-to-month, but if you prepay for three months of service ($60), Sling TV has some awesome freebies for you...

Free Fire TV Stick

Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are devices that'll allow you to stream a ton of content, from Netflix to Hulu to Amazon Prime Video. Not only that, you can play games, listen to music, and load up your photo collection for big screen viewing.

The Fire TV is a set-top box with impressive specs that runs for $99. The Fire TV Stick is its little brother in a smaller form factor, which plugs directly into your TV, just like a Chromecast, and sells for $39.

Now, when you sign up and prepay for three months of service, you can get the Fire TV for $50, and the Fire TV Stick for free. Check out the deal page here to sign up.

Free Roku Streaming Stick

Roku has been in the streaming game for a while now, and their Roku 3, normally $99, and Roku Streaming Stick, normally $49, are two of the best and latest devices to come from the manufacturer.

With over 1,500 entertainment channels, these devices have been a must-have for cord cutters for some time. And like the Chromecast, you can send content directly from your mobile device using the "cast" option. Heck, you can even mirror your phone's display on your TV!

Much like the Amazon options above, signing up for three months of service will get you the Roku 3 for $50, and the Roku Streaming Stick for free. Check out the deal page here to sign up.

Let us know in the comment section below which offer you're most likely to jump on, and share your thoughts with us over on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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