How To: Enjoy Some Politically Incorrect Laughs with CardCast for Android & iOS

Enjoy Some Politically Incorrect Laughs with CardCast for Android & iOS

The future of game night is digital. Your Chromecast is great for watching Netflix or YouTube, but get more use out of it by making it the centerpiece for your next fun get-together.

The beauty of using a Chromecast to cast games on a TV is that there's no need to write down scores, shuffle cards, remember who goes next, or keep track of game pieces. All you and your friends need are smartphones, and who doesn't have a smartphone these days?

Enter CardCast

It wasn't too long ago that we showed you how to use a Cards Against Humanty-like Android game for Chromecast called Dehumanize Your Friends. After getting into some copyright issues with the official Cards Against Humanity creators, this app eventually stopped being supported by the developer.

Today I'll be showing you a better CAH clone called CardCast from developer CardCast LLC, allowing both Android and iOS users to play together for Chromecast game night. Get it here free for Android or iOS.

A Quick Rundown of the Game for Newcomers

Essentially, the game revolves around written ad-libs. One person (the judge) picks a call card that has a phrase or sentence with missing spaces. The other players choose one care from their seven response cards to fill in the blanks of the pull card.

The judge subjectively picks the funniest response, resulting in a point to the player who offered that particular response. The game is over when the deck has been exhausted, with the winner being the player with the most points.

Getting Started

As soon as you open the app, you'll notice how minimal and classy-looking the application's interface is. Don't let this go unappreciated; a clean interface facilitates a great gaming experience with minimal confusion for party guests.

To initiate a game, one player will first have to open the app and connect to Chromecast. After doing so, you will then need to pick a deck.

Other players can then join, picking cards and taking turns as the judge. If you've played Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, this'll be extremely familiar. The game allows up to ten players to participate.

New Decks

If you exhaust the decks included with the game, use the Custom Decks feature of CarCast which allows you to download different decks created by other users. When selecting a deck, tap the CardCast custom decks link, find a deck you want, then enter its code into the deck number field in the CardCast app.

The figures in black represent the number of call cards in the deck, while the figures in green are the number of response cards.

Creating Your Own Deck

Most of the subject matter for the game is R-rated, but you can always make your own deck if you find it too insulting or want to include some inside jokes between your party-goers. To begin making your own unique deck, go to the CardCast Deck Editor page and follow the easy instructions.

Being one of the first Chromecast games to support both Android and iOS, CardCast facilitates a hilarious game night with family or friends. I can only hope that more devs take note and begin developing fun, communal games for Chromecast that everyone can enjoy.

Let us know what you think of CardCast in the comments below, and share some of your funny statements on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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