How To: Cast Endless Streams of Videos You'll Definitely Like

Cast Endless Streams of Videos You'll Definitely Like

The folks behind StumbleUpon have created a video service that is just as awesome at introducing you to new content as their website service is.

Dubbed 5by, this app uses a brief questionnaire and contexts like day of the week to tailor-make a set of video playlists for you. This "Video Concierge", as it's called, greets you every time you open the app and streams videos from all over the web.

We've covered 5by in the past, but the app has recently gained Chromecast support. So sit back, relax, and get ready to watch an endless stream of personalized video playlists.

Step 1: Download 5by

5by has gained Chromecast support in both its Android and iOS versions alike—grab it directly from Google Play or iTunes.

Step 2: Let 5by Get to Know You

As soon as you launch 5by, you'll be greeted by its Concierge. To get a better idea of what kind of videos you'll like, the Concierge service will ask a few questions.

Follow through the prompts, and try to answer as honestly as you can. Remember, this is how the Concierge knows what kind of stuff you like, so answer freely.

Geeks and's like it already knows me.

Step 3: Create a 5by Account

When the questionnaire has finished, you'll be asked to log in with either your Facebook credentials or an email account. Tap Sign in with Facebook, and you'll be shown content right away.

If you'd rather not attach your social network account to this service, hit Sign in with email. From the next screen, press Register, and enter your credentials. When you're done, tap the Check mark.

Step 4: Stream to Your Heart's Content

After logging in, you'll see a list of playlists that 5by has predicted will suit you at this moment in time.

To begin casting, tap the Chromecast icon at the top, and select your Chromecast.

Now, just select any playlist, then find the channel that looks best to you. Streaming will begin immediately, and 5by will continue to play relevant videos automatically.

Even though 5by automatically plays the next video when one is finished, you can still control playback manually. Just swipe to the left to go forward, or right to go back.

I apologize in advance if you don't get off the couch for the next few hours; 5by just makes it too easy to do nothing but watch TV all day. And if you're a cord cutter like me, this app is a great way to replicate the "TV in the background" action that I definitely miss from having cable.

What are some of your favorite channels? Have you ever seen the end of one of 5by's playlists? Let us know in the comments section below.

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